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Positioning Yourself to Win

KamaHomes knows that a true dream home is the one you can see your life unfolding in. The right home can provide a framework for the story you want to live. It’s about more than real estate: It’s about your life and your dreams.

We have 27 years of experience translating wants, needs, gut feelings, and lofty aspirations into the perfect house for every client. If you’re looking for residential properties, investment properties, or relocation services, we’re ready to be yourreal estate guide.


Whether you’re looking for the home of your dreams or wanting to sell a bedraggled bungalow before the roof caves in, the truth is that you need a guide. Let us help you identify your goals. Take the pulse of the market. Scope out the right neighborhood. Find your dream home. Get the best price. Make the big move. And help your cat somehow be OK with all this.


Owning property is a great way to build wealth, and you don’t need to be a real-estate tycoon to do it. We can help you find a rental property, evaluate its investment potential, negotiate the best price, and become a decent and responsible landlord — and no, that’s not an oxymoron. Our Landlord University is now in its 20th year and we have helped hundreds of clients discover the benefits of investing in real estate.


So your dream is owning an apartment in Miami. Or a beach house in Maine. Or a castle in Prague. Tap into our international network: We’ll hook you up with local experts who can fill you in on neighborhoods, schools, and housing, and connect you with the services you need, be it finding an apartment, managing a property, or retrofitting a portcullis.







Statistics for KamaHomes

KamaHomes’ experience shows. Kama’s average closed sales price/original listed price percentage for 2016 was 107%! Compare that to the Portland Metro market average 99.8%.

She has over $102 million in closed sales volume in the past five years and has represented over 925 (and counting) buyers/sellers.

Listings Sold

2015: Market average 48 days, Kama 19 days
2016: Market average 42 days, Kama 12 days

30+ years of experience and expertise in Portland area markets for KamaHomes



KamaHomes experience shows. Take a look at this Success Map!

Referral Directory

Our relationship with you doesn’t stop when we close the deal. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, chances are strong that at some point you may need the services of a contractor, painter, roofer, plumber, tree doctor, photographer, tax advisor, cobbler, rare book appraiser, squeegee man, or… well, you just never know.