About KamaHomes
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Who We Are

Our business is built on over 27 years of working by referral only. In short, we don’t believe our relationship ends when we close the deal. Instead, your purchase, sale, or referral is only the beginning of a rewarding relationship for you and for the team. Our goal is to have you feeling so well cared-for before, during, and after the real estate transaction that you think of us and trust your friends, family, and coworkers to us without hesitation.

The Difference at KamaHomes

Our core values are an essential part of who we are and how we conduct business.

  1. Your home, property, and goals are our TOP priority.
  2. We are honored to be your trusted advisor and we want each member of the team to be an asset for you and your real estate.
  3. We help you achieve your goals in real estate: We serve you, we coach you, we guide you.
Every home has story and so does our team. We’d love to share it with you.
Kama Dersham

Real Estate Coach

Principal Broker | Licensed in Oregon

Kama Dersham is the founder and CEO of KamaHomes, as such she wears many hats: Creative Director, Lead Listing Specialist, Negotiator, and Community Builder…not afraid to get her hands dirty, she is also head pot scrubber on dish detail! (AND THAT’S JUST MONDAY!)


Kama (which is the Sanskrit word for LOVE..LoveHomes) is in the top 5% of Realtors across the country and has 30 years and 1000’s of clients worth of proof that she earned her way to that TOP 5%. She knows that you don’t get to be in the TOP for just being in the business for so long, you get there by consistently putting your clients first and ensuring they’ve got the best advice and guidance a real estate coach can bring to bear!


Cowboy boots you ask? Kama earned those too, logging 1000s of hours and 1000s of miles in a saddle. She began riding at the age of 3 with a dramatic tumble into the dirt, culminating in her 1st life lesson: get back up and get back on. That lesson has permeated so much of her life…5 decades of horses, 4 decades of marriage, and 3 decades of real estate-you just keep rising. For her, success in life is that cliché and simple: it’s not that you fall off the horse, (or wagon, path, bike, or really whatever fits for you)…its that you get back up 1 more time then you fell.


So what’s Kama’s success recipe in this roller coaster of a ride that real estate offers?


2 parts GRIT, 1 part Optimism, a splash of ZEST, sprinkle on some Self Control a dollop of Social Intelligence, mix with 3 large parts of Gratitude, shaken not stirred and served over life..drink up and you too will be Livin’ the Dream.

Mathew Wray

Buyer’s Agent

Broker | Licensed in Oregon

Mathew is our token Portland native-hailing from the distant northlands of St. John’s. He traveled the world as a young man courtesy of the US Government, drove ambulances in South Los Angeles, SCUBA dove with seals, sea lions, and whales in the Puget Sound, and went on epic road trips with his dad all over the NW. Mathew brings a unique point of view as a former client of Kama’s (he’s been investing with her for 10 years) so he knows how to keep the real in real estate. He lives in Tualatin with his wonderful scientist wife and a menagerie of three guinea pigs (100% hairless), three dogs (33% are hairless), two cats (50% of them are hairless), and two turtles (technically, 100% hairless)! As almost empty nesters, he and his wife have a long list of adventures and life to set out on together.


Licensed since 2012 (first as a property manager, then as a broker) Mathew has the skillsets around negotiating, navigating complex purchases, and tailoring advice to individual circumstances that creates an experience you will want to repeat and refer.

Susan Brookshire

Client Concierge

Not Currently Licensed

Susan is our customer concierge, operating like a puppet master behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Hailing from the South, she brings a touch of charm to her work. Married to a great husband, with two wonderful sons and a husky named Max, she loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, quilting, sewing, and reading (recommend a book to her!). Susan has worked in the escrow field for over 18 years and loves working with KamaHomes because of the great clients, the great team, and the thrill of being able to make “Livin’ the Dream” come true for those around us.


Susan will facilitate your communication with KamaHomes and is always finding better ways to serve you — our client. She helps with event coordination and is the Martha Stewart of the team, always creating and crafting up gifts.