About KamaHomes
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Who We Are

Our business is built on over 27 years of working by referral only. In short, we don’t believe our relationship ends when we close the deal. Instead, your purchase, sale, or referral is only the beginning of a rewarding relationship for you and for the team. Our goal is to have you feeling so well cared-for before, during, and after the real estate transaction that you think of us and trust your friends, family, and coworkers to us without hesitation.

The Difference at KamaHomes

Our core values are an essential part of who we are and how we conduct business.

  1. Your home, property, and goals are our TOP priority.
  2. We are honored to be your trusted advisor and we want each member of the team to be an asset for you and your real estate.
  3. We help you achieve your goals in real estate: We serve you, we coach you, we guide you.
Every home has story and so does our team. We’d love to share it with you.
Kama Dersham

Real Estate Coach

OR Licensed Principal Broker

Kama was raised by wolves in Missouri and worked as a cocktail waitress, art thief, and hot-tar roofer before falling in love with real estate. This experience has served her well over her 30-year history of owning rentals and restoring homes: Almost any project can benefit from a good cocktail, a roof patch, and a strategic piece of art. Kama lives with her husband, Ian, on her “weekend” ranch (so far, the weekend has stretched over two decades), where the horses, mules, and Great Dane keep her firmly grounded in reality. (Note to self: Never “invest” in something that eats while you are sleeping.) She loves helping people reach for their dreams.


Kama will help you set and achieve your real estate goals. She’s adept at negotiations, highly connected in her community, and an expert in positioning homes in the market to win.

Tina Becker

Operations Manager

Not Currently Licensed

Tina hails from Chicago, home of the Cracker Jack. She’s a lover of tacos, travel, and the tiny-house movement. Tina serves as the operations and marketing manager for KamaHomes and is an expert in finding synonyms for “cozy.” When she’s not helping our clients chase their dreams, you will find her checking out food carts and guzzling espresso with her husband, Craig.


Tina will help you get your house ready to sell and then shout it from the rooftops with strategic marketing. She relies on her insider knowledge of local neighborhoods and all the unique qualities that win buyers’ hearts to get your house sold. On top of that, she’s also in charge of KamaHomes’
client communication.

Susan Brookshire

Client Concierge

Not Currently Licensed

Susan is our customer concierge, operating like a puppet master behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Hailing from the South, she brings a touch of charm to her work. Married to a great husband, with two wonderful sons and a husky named Max, she loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, quilting, sewing, and reading (recommend a book to her!). Susan has worked in the escrow field for over 18 years and loves working with KamaHomes because of the great clients, the great team, and the thrill of being able to make “Livin’ the Dream” come true for those around us.


Susan will facilitate your communication with KamaHomes and is always finding better ways to serve you — our client. She helps with event coordination and is the Martha Stewart of the team, always creating and crafting up gifts.